BART Refuses to Release Video of Attacks Claiming Concern Over Stereotypes

BART robberies

In case you were not following the news, over the last couple of months, riders on BART (San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit) were the victims of attacks by big crowds of “teens” (the politically correct term for non-whites), resulting in injuries and robberies, sometimes at knife point.

The “teen mobs” first attacked in April and the attacks involved dozens perpetrators and at least 7 victims, of which 2 were severely beaten. The 2 most recent attacks occurred at the end of last month, and they included an armed robbery and another one involving 12 “youths” robbing a woman. Obviously, San Francisco commuters using BART  begun to have safety related issues and demanded for the videos to be released, in order to see who are the “youths” behind these savage attacks.

However, proving that BART doesn’t care about its customers, at least not as much as they care about political correctness and virtue signaling, the company refused to release the videos, claiming that doing so it will unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, end quote. Basically, stating the facts is now racist, at least in BART’s vision. Also, judging from a memo circulated between BART’s high-staffers, the company will not issue a press release about the incidents as they see the attacks as petty crimes that would make BART look bad, as in crime ridden. Which it actually is, but never-mind facts, right?

BART also claimed that the news media real interest is not in the actual videos, but in sensationalizing/stereotyping the color of the skin of perpetrators in their pursuit of ratings. However, it’s not clear how BART’s responsibility when it comes to the security of their customers has anything to do with news media looking for ratings. This argument is very silly. Moreover, since when armed robbery constitutes a petty crime? Under California law, robberies, especially when “performed” using deadly weapons are felonies, not petty crimes.

In BART’s distorted view of the world, it’s not the actual criminals creating  racial bias by robbing and beating people, but it’s the paying/innocent BART customers who are racist, because reasons and feelings. Blame the victim, it always works, right?

Photo: AP