Battle at Berkeley Between Trump Supporters and ANTIFA Counter Protesters (video)


Saturday was supposed to be a day of peaceful anti-Trump rallies across America in over 150 cities. The anti Trump protesters were demanding to see President Trump’s tax returns on Tax Day.

However, instead of peaceful protests, things degenerated quickly in Berkeley, the “last stand” of liberalism and tolerance, where violence erupted with hundreds of ANTIFA and “alt right” (read Trump supporters) clashing in the streets.

At least 16 people were arrested after mayhem ensued, with fights, explosions and pepper spray being observed all over the place. A Trump supporter made the highlight of the day, but in a bad way as he was beaten by agitators with a skateboard.

By agitators, we’re referring to a weird collection of anarchists and communists who clashed with pro Trump demonstrators in Berkeley California on Saturday, check out the videos:

There are many videos on the Internet showing how Trump supporters are being beaten in the street with the police watching and allowing it to happen.


Black clad ANTIFA thugs were all over the place, initiating violence (as usual) against  pro Trumpers, who also held a rally in Berkeley on Patriots Day, making it for the third time when ANTIFA and Trump supporters are engaging in outright “civil war” in the streets in 2017.

There were fistfights reported near Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, where the Pro Trump rally was organized. Smoke bombs and fireworks were thrown into the crowd and some folks got pepper sprayed, with both groups throwing sticks and rocks, while some ingenious “street fighters” used a trash bin as a battering ram of sorts.


Approximately 250 police officers were dispatched at the scene while 50 Oath Keepers (a citizens militia group) came from Montana for protecting Trump supporters. The Oath Keepers were helped by bikers and other patriots who vowed to fight ANTIFA violence.

Lately, it seems almost impossible to hold a conservative/Pro Trump rally in Berkeley California, as the left is incredibly violent. And today was no different, with the police nowhere in sight. Yet, Trump supporters fought back on Saturday,  showing clearly that ANTIFA’s violence will not be tolerated anymore and if the police turns a blind eye at leftist violence, there are other ways around it.