Lights go out during speech

joe biden

Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden (who recently announced his candidacy for the US Presidential election in 2020 against Trump nota bene) delivered on Wednesday what was described by mainstream media as an epic final speech  in Davos, Switzerland in front of the global elites.

The gist of his tirade was relatively straightforward, as he decried how the world is now living a time of uncertainty and how “we” ( the globalist elites that is) must increase our efforts to maintain the values that define Western democracies (though it wasn’t very clear what specific values he’s talking about). Also, Biden’s liberal comrades should fight hard and not allow the so called liberal world order to be destroyed by evil forces and all that jazz.

Basically, globalism was hailed as the supreme ideology of the left, which is what neo-liberalism became in the US in the last 4 decades (as opposed to classical liberalism, a right wing doctrine) and nationalism/populism was described as a destructive force trying to torn apart Western values, which truth be told were all a consequence of nationalism and personal liberty/individual freedoms.

In Joe’s view, nationalism is something repugnant which must be dealt with at any costs and that sums up Joe Biden’s “epic” speech.

Obviously, Joe went after President Putin, saying that Russia (under his command) is using every means for  undermining Western democracies and whittling away the European project, accusing Putin personally of seeking  to roll back decades of progress.

If all these claims sound like a rant from a mad man to you, well, that’s because it is a rant of a mad man. Everything Biden said can be described as fake news and unsubstantiated allegations, including the leftist meme with Putin interfering in the US election and, as a logical consequence, Trump winning the election as a Russian puppet and all that palaver.

However, in a final blast of hypocrisy, Biden asked the media to not take his speech as an attack at Donald Trump, as his comments apply as well to US and European leaders.

Biden also said that Trump’s wall with Mexico was a bad idea, as the world doesn’t want to build walls and live in fear and he blathered something about NATO and supporting “our allies”, though it’s not very clear what that has to do with anything.

Obviously, Joe Biden’s globalist view is in complete antithesis with Trump’s America First, which is nothing short of blasphemous for any respectable leftist elitist. And then again, this guy hopes to have a shot in 2020 against The Donald.

Source: CNBC