Bids Begin for Border Wall With Mexico

President Trump’s big beautiful wall at the US-Mexico border is one step closer to breaking the barrier between memes on the internet and the real world, as today we just got word about a couple of contract notices surfacing on a governmental website, describing the new administration’s plan to build a physically imposing 30 foot high border wall that  is difficult to climb/cut through whilst looking aesthetically pleasing from the north side.

The notices posted on a .gov website were made public earlier on Friday by the Homeland Security Department’s Customs and Border Protection agency, which is in charge of the project and eventually it will maintain the wall and patrol the sensitive areas on the border.

The proposals from private contractors are due to the US government by March 29th. One of the Customs and Border Protection’s contract clauses requests a solid concrete-made wall, which will be (ideally speaking) 30 feet high, good looking in color but only on its US facing side and the respective wall should be built in such a manner that it would deter or prevent for at least 60 minutes the creation of a breach larger than 12 inches in diameter via punching through the wall using a car jack, a sledgehammer, chisel, battery operated cutting/impact tools, acetylene/oxy torches and so on and so forth.

Digging and/or climbing are not to be permitted either, as the wall should be impossible to climb unassisted, as its design must include anti climb features. Also, its design must prevent tunneling/digging below the wall for at least 6 feet (minimum requirement).

The total cost estimates for Trump’s wall are ranging wildly between 12 and 20 billion dollars and the first 30 feet samples will be built in San Diego.