Bitter Hillary Blames Everything, Lists Why She Lost

Hillary Clinton managed to get out of the woods on Thursday, almost 4 months after her stunning defeat, and she obviously blamed her pathetic loss on anything and everything except from her persona and her campaign.

I am calling Hillary Clinton a sore loser who made a sad figure of herself because she lost an election when confronted to a total amateur. Donald Trump was at his first encounter with politics of any kind while she was the exact opposite.

Also, 90% of the mainstream media and about 75% of the RINOS in the Republican party were “with her” instead of supporting their own candidate.

Moreover, she outspent The Donald massively and she still lost. Now, instead of accepting her legendary defeat, Hillary Clinton blames Donald Trump and other issues she claims were beyond her control.

First, there were those pesky ruskies, obviously, who were “meddling” in the election. Then, it was the FBI via James Comey, who she claims thwarted her chances of winning. Then it was WikiLeaks who exposed the incredible corruption and collusion with the MSM/foreign powers from within the Democratic Party.

Finally, there was misogyny and, maybe, white privilege and racism and xenofobia and fascism. I am only kidding, but yes, really, Hillary blamed misogyny in her first post  election interview.

While being questioned by the New York Time’s Nicholas Kristof on Thursday, Hillary Clinton cited foreign powers (Russia) as a major factor that contributed to her defeat, labeling the so called interference (zero proof given) an act of aggression.

Misogyny certainly played a role, a fact that must be admitted, dixit Hillary, and she went further on to claiming that women were having real problems at the idea of her being POTUS, i.e. women are misogynist. I’ll go out on a limb here: maybe women were having problems with you Hillary for other reasons, for example your incredible corruption, arrogance and incessant lying to American people.

Comey was cited as dealing a major blow to her campaign, due to his decision to release the infamous October 28th letter, 2 weeks before Election Day, despite the fact that he later cleared her of any wrongdoing thus boosting her credibility a couple of days before November 8th.

Lastly, Wikileaks revelations were extremely harmful, playing a bigger role than previously expected said Hillary. Of course, she never went on to saying that the revelations were fake, she only deplored the inconvenience of Americans waking up to the truth about what’s behind the curtains.

And finally, she didn’t miss the chance to bash President Trump:

“I don’t understand the commitment to hurt so many people that this administration, this White House, seems to be pursuing,”

As usual, this is Hillary blaming everyone but herself. Truth be told, she was probably the worst candidate the democrats could have run for president. Tons of people were ready for a woman president, just NOT HER.

She lost the white women vote because of misogyny, let that sink in real good. Poor rich girl: lost the General, lost the recount, lost the Electoral College. First it was fake news, then it was Russia, now it’s misogyny.


Photo: AFP