Bitter Hillary Blames Russia, Comey, Facebook, WikiLeaks, Voter ID Laws, Fake News, Misogyny, Sexism for Losing


hillary clinton blames endemic sexism

Former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton seems to believe that were it not for Russia, James Comey, fake news, Facebook, voter ID laws, Wikileaks and last but not least  America’s “endemic” (her own parlance) sexism and misogyny, she would have made for the first woman POTUS.

Basically, Hillary Rodham Clinton managed to blame anything and everything in the world (8 separate excuses) for her 2016 loss in under 2 minutes, thus establishing a record of sorts. Hillary made these extraordinary claims as she was launching her new memoir-book “What Happened” which tries to rationalize her failed 2016 campaign, but let’s see some quotes.

First, Hillary singled out former FBI director James Comey as being the main culprit for her 2016 epic failure (she won the popular vote, you know). The problem with Comey is that he re-opened the FBI investigation into Hillary’s blunder with regard to mishandling classified material (the private email server snafu). However, others argue that Comey actually protected Hillary by preemptively exonerating her in advance, i.e. prior to FBI finishing the investigation on the email server, but let that go:

 “If the election were on October 27, I would be your president,” “I went from 26 points ahead to 13 points ahead, and I needed about 18 points in order to be sure to win Pennsylvania,”

“I watched how analysts who I have a great deal of respect for, like Nate Silver, burrowed into all the data and said that ‘but for that Comey letter, she would have won.'”

“So it was very personal to me,”

said Hillary to Jane Pauley during a  CBS interview, hinting at the deep impact Comey’s letter had on her campaign.

“I think my general election prospects were badly damaged because of that, so that even though I was starting to come back, it was not enough time to overcome it.”

Hillary also blamed fake news, those pesky Russian dogs and WikiLeaks for being at least partially responsible for her loss in 2016:

“But even though [the Comey letter] was the primary blow to my campaign at the very end, it has to be looked at in context — with the Russians weaponizing information, negative stories about me; this whole Wikileaks beginning to leak in early October of John Podesta’s emails — which if you read them all were, they’re pretty anodyne, but they were taken out of context; stories were made up about them.”

Facebook was singled out by Hillary and blamed for accepting money via ads from a Russian company ($50,000 worth of ads, nota bene):

“We now know that Facebook was taking money from Russian companies to run negative stories about me,. If you look at all of this, yes, it affected me and my campaign. But I am more concerned now going forward that we haven’t come to grips with what it means for future elections.”

Last but not least, America’s sexism and misogyny played a crucial role:

“sexism and misogyny, which are endemic to our society. And certainly as I write in my chapter called ‘On Being a Woman in Politics,’ have to be factored in as well.”