Bitter McCain Who Lost His White House Chance Bashes Trump in Munich

‘How dictators get started’

Former Presidential hopeful John McCain who is currently a Republican Senator bashed President Donald Trump during his Munich Security Conference speech in Germany.

The REP Senator from Arizona is getting increasingly mad as hell about Donald Trump’s presidency, thus on Friday he delivered a furious attack on The Donald’s “world view”; even if he did not mention Trump’s name, it was hardly a subtle point he was making.

Coming from a senior leader of the Republican party, taking on the President of the same party makes for an unusual and striking display of hatred and soreness.

During his speech, McCain raised the question if the Western world will be able to survive Trump’s presidency, as the West is somehow uniquely imperiled in 2017, even worse than it was the case with 8 years of Barack Obama in the White House.

It’s pretty hard to get more melodramatic than that, yet McCain went for that extra-mile saying that Donald Trump’s presidency marks for a turn away from universal values, as The Donald will bring back the medieval old order, i.e. blood, race and sectarianism.

Furthermore, Senator McCain commented during an NBC interview that dictatorships begin with the suppression of the free press, and obviously Donald Trump criticizing the corporate media for pedaling fake news stories equates with the suppression of free speech, making him a wannabe dictator, even if the MSM was constantly attacking him for almost 2 years in a row and nothing happened so far except from a few tweets.

However, the 80 years old Senator who served America as a POW closed his NBC appearance in an optimistic manner, saying that:

“I think we should give the president the benefit of the doubt. But at the same time, we have our responsibilities of advise and consent.”

It’s funny to see how the Left is playing this old man like a fiddle. Just remember how shocked McCain looked when the Left shredded him in 2008, but now they like this so-called maverick again.

“I’m worried Trump will undermine democracy!” God you sound like Elizabeth Warren.



Source: Washington Post

Photo by Nigel Parry