BLM to Boycott White-Owned Businesses for “Black Xmas”

blm boycotts white owned businesses

If you were trying to get in the Christmas spirit, let me tell you about Black Lives Matter’s latest stunt: these delusional guys are dreaming at a Black Christmas (because snow is racist, see) where “folks” (presumably non-whites) withhold dollars from White Capitalism. This is an almost verbatim quote. So, capitalism is bad, mainly because it’s a white idea, right? I wonder why are these guys still here. After all, it’s a free country and socialist paradises like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Cuba or communist China are just a plane ticket away, but let that go.

The very violent Marxist organization which seeks to bring forth a communist revolution upon America just launched an initiative to boycott white owned business, because after all Christmas is just around the corner, and capitalism is a bad thing, which should be resisted tooth and nail, because it oppresses people, isn’t it?

To give you an amusing factoid, Black Lives Matter are the same hypocrites who destroyed black owned businesses during 2014’s Ferguson riots. I must emphasize: it is a free country. You can withhold your money. However, your reasoning is so stupid and reverses decades of legitimate civil rights struggle. The good news is that  BLM has very few Black people who actually support them. Just big money people, who have a goal to destroy the USA (read Soros&comp).

BLM is not for any particular race. It is a Soros funded operation to create dissension and race hatred, in pure Marxist tradition (class war, race war etc). When Soros funds something, there is more to it than rights for any group. Now, if you ask me, there’s nothing like a little Self Segregation to be fully accepted. I do agree with this idea. Black people should do everything they can do to become independent. Learn skills in crafting the tools for everyday living, reject all forms of handouts that weaken you and make you dependent, learn how electrical components can be put together to make useful manufacturing processes, learn leather crafting and rubber molding so that you can make your own Air Jordans and so forth and so on.