Bloodbath at San Bernardino Elementary School, Teacher Killed, Students Critical

San Bernardino

San Bernardino is on the map again after a school shooting which left 3 dead and one student wounded, in critical condition.

On Monday, a 53 year old man from Riverside went into a classroom at the San Bernardino elementary school where his estranged wife was teaching and opened fire, killing the woman on the spot and wounding (presumably unintentionally) two students. After that, he took his own life.

The student who died in the shooting was identified as Jonathan Martinez, an 8 year old boy who was rushed to the local hospital but he didn’t make it.

The murdered teacher is Karen Elaine Smith, 53 years old while her husband, the assassin, was identified as 53 year old Cedric Anderson from Riverside.

Anderson was admitted into the campus with no questions asked apparently, then he walked into the classroom and opened fire without saying anything. The police reports that the shooter used a large  caliber pistol for killing his wife and hitting (accidentally) 2 students who were located right behind her.

The San Bernardino chief of police Jarrod Burguan said that Cedric Anderson reloaded his gun at least once.

It’s pretty clear that the assassin wasn’t going for a killing spree, as the classroom hosted at the time of the shooting 15 students and 2 adult aides. The only ones hurt were standing behind the shooter’s wife.

The Bernardino police Captain Ron Maass acknowledged the fact that the children were not the shooter’s targets:

We believe the two children were the unfortunate recipients of injuries by being in the proximity to the female at the time of the incident,”

The horrible shooting happened in a gun-free zone in a state which enforces crazy gun control laws. As usual, gun free zones just attract the crazies whilst keeping citizens from being able to protect themselves. It seems that liberals will never learn…