Breaking News: President Trump Announces He Will Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio During Phoenix Rally

donald trump phoenix

President Trump just said during the Phoenix rally that Joe Arpaio will be pardoned.

“I’ll make a prediction, I think he’s going to be just fine.” “Sheriff Joe can feel good” “But I’m not going to do it tonight”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt about 2 weeks ago when he defied a judge’s order with regard to stopping traffic patrols aimed at suspected illegal immigrants. Joe Arpaio is an 85 years old man who currently faces 6 months in jail, while illegal aliens roam free all around the United States.


Other highlights from the POTUS electrifying speech:

As usual, the Donald bashed the fake-news mainstream media, with an emphasis on CNN and ABC’s Little George Steponallofus Stephanopoulos while the crowd chanted “CNN Sucks”.


As usual, President Trump went nuclear, DEFCON 5, on the mainstream corporate media, with the exception of Fox News “who treated me fairly”. No politician at any level has ever fought back against the left wing MSM like the Donald.

During the massive rally, President Trump slammed Democrats for their vision of total socialism, or as he put it: maybe a step beyond socialism, together with their lack of ideas:

After watching the whole “show”, I’m pretty sure the President went off script for some of his speech. The POTUS talked about tax reform and asked both Democrats and Republicans to pull together for making America great again via a historic tax cut. He also reminded the American people about him withdrawing the US from the job killing Paris Climate Accord, TPP and the renegotiation of NAFTA.

Senators Flake and McCain were called out without the POTUS naming them, as Trump repeated for a number of times “we were one vote away from repealing Obamacare”. The crowd chanted “McCain’s gotta go.”.

President Trump called for the elimination of filibuster saying “We have to speak to Mitch,”. Finally, the POTUS slammed the obstructionist Democrats (he should’ve mention the RINOs too), while saying he’ll build the now proverbial wall, as immigration security is an intrinsic part of national security, emphasizing that the US must keep Islamic terrorists out of the country.