British Intel Gave Obama Admin Surveillance on Trump Associates

British newspaper The Guardian reports that GCHQ’s (the UK’s equivalent to the CIA ) spies were the first to “become aware” (read wiretap) of President Trump’s team so called links with Russia back in 2015.

According to the respective report, GCHQ noticed suspicious activity/interactions between Trump Team individuals and suspected or known Russian agents. Keep in mind that The Guardian is relying (as usual) on an anonymous source which is claimed to be close to GCHQ.

The information gathered by the British intelligence service was passed on to their United States counterparts as part of the protocol between the countries.

The same source said that over the next half a year or so, basically by summer of 2016, numerous other western intelligence agencies shared further intel regarding so called contacts between Donald Trump’s campaign members/inner circle and “Russians”.

The EU countries that shared the intercepted intel with their US brethren besides the UK (the protocol is called sigint) included Estonia, Germany, Australia and Poland.

Basically, all the claims made by Judge Napolitano (and others) on Fox are now proved to be 100% correct, if you look past the legalese and the ferreting with words.

Approximately one month ago, while the MSM was obsessing with the Trump’s Russia connection/collusion/whatchamacallit, Judge Napolitano said during an appearance on Fox and Friends that former president Obama used the British intelligence agency (GCHQ) for monitoring/wiretapping  Trump’s campaign in order to circumvent US law.

Obviously, both GCHQ and Barack Obama denied vehemently such absurd claims and the mainstream media joined the chorus that accused Fox of pedaling wild conspiracy theories. Judge Napolitano said:

Now, thirty days after Napolitano’s efforts to clear up the muddy waters, we have confirmation that British and other European spy agencies were monitoring Trump’s team electronic communications and passed the intel to their US counterparts.

Obviously, as usual, the monitoring was merely incidental, God forbids, I mean there’s no way Obama’s administration requested it, everything was incidental, accidental, volunteered and unsolicited. One may wonder if the same monitoring was performed on Hillary’s team, just sayin’.