BUZZFEED Runs ‘Error’-Laden, ‘Unverifiable’ Trump-Russia Claims

35 Pages is a Lot of Fake News

Currently, CNN is leading with a news story about a thirty five page dossier created by a former British intelligence operative, which has been summarized into a two page appendix presented to Donald Trump by the US intelligence community last Friday.

The 35 page “essay” is said to contain explosive but unverified allegations about the Russians supporting, cultivating and assisting Donald Trump for the last five years, including a Putin endorsement.

It is also alleged that the Russian government managed to dig out compromising (both personal and financial) information about The Donald, with the end game being to encourage splits/divisions in the Western alliance or something along these lines.

According to Buzzfeed, the respective dossier(which is basically a collection of memos) is claimed to have been circulating among intelligence operatives, elected officials and journalists for the last 2-3 months and it includes unverified/potentially unverifiable allegations of contact between Trump team/aides and Russian intelligence agents, graphic claims of sex-acts and the whole nine yards.

The key words here are  “unverified and potentially unverifiable allegations”, which are obviously contained in the dossier and now, courtesy of Buzzfeed, we can check it out for ourselves. (link).

As expected, there are a few problems with the “memo”, which tries to discredit President Elect Trump as a Kremlin puppet. Not only that the document is unconfirmed but it contains clear and factual errors.

Company names are misspelled (Alpha instead of Alfa Group), there’s false data inside about a settlement outside Moscow (Barvikha) which is claimed to be reserved for top political leaders and close associates, which is not, and, the cherry on top, considering the claim that this dossier was already out there in the wild for months (in selected circles), one would have expected team Clinton to have a field day with it discrediting The Donald prior to him winning the election.

For some odd reason, that never happened and with all this intel floating around for months, it only surfaced now, 10 days between The Donald’s official inauguration.

If you don’t have the patience to read the whole report, here’s the most amusing section, containing Trump’s sexual perversions and personal obsessions, good stuff:



Source: BuzzFeed, ZeroHedge