California Considers $1,000 Fine, Jail for Waiters Offering Plastic Straws

California Considers $1,000 Fine, Jail for Waiters Offering Plastic Straws

Speaking of environmentalism gone bonkers and California (two peas in a pod basically), today’s news is about a very peculiar piece of legislation which is awaiting its time in the court of public opinion so to speak. The respective bill was proposed by a Democrat, obviously, because California is a uniparty state, Ian Calderon respectively, who wants pub/restaurant owners to think twice before offering you a straw with your preferred beverage.

Calderon is the DEM majority leader in the former Golden State’s lower house and his Draconian bill is aimed at stopping restaurants from providing customers straws unless they specifically ask for one. If the bill becomes law of the land, which would not shock me a bit, a waiter who offers an unrequested straw with your beverage would face a fine of $1000 and up to 6 months in jail. You’ll just have to call 911 on the Nazi. The DEM Senator explained his idea via a press release:

“We need to create awareness around the issue of one-time use plastic straws and its detrimental effects on our landfills, waterways, and oceans”

If you think that’s weird, well, Calderon’s idea is pretty far from being original. Two other Californian (obviously) cities, Davis and San Luis Obispo, already passed the respective law which forbids businesses to offer straws to customers without them specifically requesting one.Also, Manhattan Beach already enforce a prohibition on all disposable plastics. In Seattle, the food-service industry and related businesses are banned from offering plastic utensils and straws as of July.

It’s about time somebody started soaking all those fat-cat waiters. You know what we really need? Waiter licensing. 1,000 hours minimum training required.

 Seriously speaking, even if plastic pollution is a real problem, which must be mitigated one way or another, I seriously doubt that plastic straws are the crux of the matter, since we don’t have any hard data with regard to how many straws are used in the US annually and how many of those end up in the ocean. However, criminalizing unrequested straws seems to be a rather harsh and not very smart approach to the issue of plastic pollution.