California Goes to Pot

California goes to pot

Good news are coming from ultra-liberal California for pot lovers, as a new era now opens with the first sales of legal/recreational marijuana. Some of the first sales of recreational pot in California took place on January 1st, approximately six hours after midnight, inside the Berkeley Patients Group, in Oakland. The sale of 3 joints at the price of $45,37 marked the launch of a brave new legal industry in the Golden State. However, the new industry which is expected to boom in 2018 is heavily regulated and obviously taxed through the nose by governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown.

The recreational marijuana industry is expected to bring billions in revenue each and every year for the state. Everything begun with Proposition 64 which passed in November 2016, a piece of legislation that decriminalized pot and allowed for the commercial sale of marijuana related products to adults twenty one years of age or older. To many, today represents a historic moment for the state of California. Not so long ago, the United States boasted a zero tolerance policy towards marijuana use, thus legalizing pot marks a huge leap for cannabis advocacy groups, not to mention future marijuana “farmers”. Dale Gieringer is the director of a well known cannabis advocacy group California NORML respectively, and he was quoted as saying after witnessing the first legal pot sales at Harborside:

“This marks the welcome end of a century of prohibition —104 years to be accurate. It’s wonderful that people aren’t being imprisoned for marijuana the way they used to be.”

According to marijuana aficionados, the new cannabis industry is going to bring industry, as in jobs, tourism and business opportunities to Oakland and today was an epic day, which will remain in history. It’s worth mentioning that Berkeley and Oakland were among the first places to authorize the use/sales of recreational pot, but in the coming days and weeks additional locations are expected to open, including outlets in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The marijuana market in California, which  by the way is world’s sixth economy, is expected to reach 3.7 billion dollars in 2018 and over 5 billion in 2019.