California Lawmakers Warn Companies Against Working on Trump’s Border Wall

The latest battle against President Trump’s immigration policies comes to no one’s surprise from California, where 3 Democrats warned local contractors who announced that they are willing to sign up for building Trump’s Wall that there will be repercussions.

Basically, Californian lawmakers told private companies that if they’ll get involved with building the border wall, the state of California will divest from the respective companies.

This is the latest act of defiance against President Trump’s administration with Californian lawmakers having introduced a new bill that would coerce the Golden State to drop its pension investments in companies which are involved with building the wall between United States and Mexico.

According to Phil Ting, a San Francisco Democrat:

“This is a wall of shame and we don’t want any part of it. Immigrant stories are the history of America and this is a nightmare.”

However, what Mr. Ting fails to acknowledge is that President Trump’s wall is about curbing illegal immigration, not all immigration, but these are too fine details to bother with if you’re a progressive.

This latest piece of legislation was proposed just 3 days after the United States Customs and Border Protection started receiving proposals/bids for border wall prototypes.

If Assembly Bill 946 will pass, it will require the California State Teachers Retirement System and the state’s Public Employee Retirement System, which are the largest public pension funds in the US with investments of over half a trillion dollars, to drop their shares in any company which is involved in building the wall within 1 year time.

The bill also requires the pension funds management to tattletale to the state’s Legislature the list of those companies. This banana republic move  which reminds me of Venezuelan politics will be carried by Eduardo Garcia, Lorena Gonzalez and Phil Ting.

It’s economy 101 that if the bill passes, it will hurt Californian companies, as outside contractors will be more than happy to step in and cash out, make millions and then pay taxes to other states.

This bill makes for the typical leftist move, based on emotion rather than reality, made  by mental midgets hurting their own constituency while virtue signalling and all that liberal palaver. Basically, what we have here are 3 publicly elected officials who are threatening American contractors trying to make a living while Jerry Brown begs President Trump for Federal money.