California Leads Nation in Poverty

California Leads Nation in Poverty

Let me begin today’s news with a link from another publication which blew my mind earlier: Dozen arrested for feeding homeless in San Diego. For people attending public schools, San Diego is in California, which touts itself to be, or used to be, the best state in the Union. However, after a long-lived Democrat rule, California  is now the state which boasts the highest poverty rate  in the US. How did this happen?

Well, like any respectable and long-lived Democrat-controlled area (read Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit etc, basically all inner cities with the highest murder rates in the US), California is now slowly transforming into a polarized society, with an incredibly rich elite and a huge mass of poor people, a killing field which resembles socialist South American countries like Venezuela, Brazil et al, i.e. a place with almost no middle class. But let’s not anticipate, shall we?

To begin with, 20% of California’s residents are poor, or 1 in 5 people, according to official numbers , i.e. the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure. The statistic factors in the cost of food, housing, clothing and utilities and includes government welfare (noncash) as a form of income. My comparison with failed socialist states in South America is not hap-hazardous. You must learn that economically speaking, California is doing great, boasting robust job growth which generated prosperity for some people, yet despite the fact that the state’s GDP grew 2x compared to the US average, it’s worth asking why California is falling behind in terms of poverty stats.

And that’s despite California’s generous welfare spending, which actually made things worse, i.e. it encouraged more people (read illegal aliens, as California is basically a sanctuary state) to come in and benefit from tax payer subsidies so to speak. Obviously, the new arrivals turned California bluer than the waters in the Blue Lagoon incidentally, as the newly imported left leaning and welfare loving constituency is overwhelmingly voting left, i.e. for more welfare and a bigger state, just like in Venezuela et al, as soon as they are able, legally or otherwise (141% of the total eligible population of Los Angeles voted last time.). Also, California boasts a huge bureaucracy and many of them would lose their cozy jobs if their welfare clients were to drop off the welfare rolls, especially those in welfare services.

Mass illegal immigration also led to a housing crisis, which also benefits real estate developers with ties to the political world. California is well on its way to becoming a state of two classes, very rich or very poor. This is the perfect racket for the Left and it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon. California is exactly what the Democrats want to turn the rest of the country into by importing millions of illegals into our cities. Too bad the GOP wants the illegals too.

The thing is, most of California voted for Trump- just the coastal areas and large-population cities voted Democrat. Most of California is agricultural, and it’s a shame that the entire state is run by progressives who are insistent on burning the whole state down to keep their caste system alive and well.  To describe this system succinctly, it is a plantation-economy, more peonage than slave, but the end result is little different. Vastly wealthy ruling class and permanently indebted underclass. Those systems usually wind up the same way – as shithole failed states. It doesn’t matter that the people at the top hold all these “progressive” political values, they rule like oligarchs anyway.

At this point the impetus for change cannot emerge internally. It would require the Federal government to step in and end the voter fraud, the gerrymandering, and to secure the border with Mexico and deport the illegals. Realistically, that is not going to happen because the national Democrats don’t want it and the courts in California can interminably block any effective executive action. What we are ultimately going to end up with is a failed state within our own borders. I