California Set to Become Full Sanctuary State

california sanctuary state

After California’s DEM controlled state Senate  passed a sweeping immigration bill on Saturday morning, the SB 54 respectively, we can safely describe the Golden State as a full sanctuary state, boasting one of America’s most hostile policies to federal immigration authorities. The comprehensive SB 54 immigration bill is a long debated piece of legislation which is aimed at protecting illegal immigrants from the new administration’s very strict immigration enforcement.

The SB 54 bill is dubbed California Values Act and its final form passed easily through the state’s Democratic controlled Senate by a 27-11 vote. The SB 54 bill is now awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature to become law of the land and it makes for a scaled back version of an earlier bill. The initial version of the California Values Act was more radical as it would have eliminated all resource sharing and communication with federal immigration authorities (ICE), with the exception of illegal immigrants who had a criminal warrant issued against them.

The latest version of the SB 54 was amended by DEM lawmakers after negotiations with Gov. Jerry Brown and it now permits ICE agents to collaborate with state correction authorities, i.e. California’s local/state police is now allowed to hand over criminal illegal immigrants to ICE if the respective alien has been convicted of a crime as per the California Trust Act.

According to California’s Senate leader Kevin De Leon, despite the changes brought to SB 54, the state’s law enforcement will not help the new administration’s crackdown (read deportations) against allegedly non violent illegal aliens. As per Los Angles Times:

“These amendments do not mean to erode the core mission of this measure, which is to protect hardworking families that have contributed greatly to our culture and the economy

This is a measure that reflects the values of who we are as a great state.”

California’s legislators and elite have no regard for their citizens. The latest BLS data shows that there are 971,000 Californians out of work. They desperately need the jobs and benefits that the millions of illegals (at least 2.3 million officially) in California are taking from them and the legislature doesn’t care. Not only that, but the presence of illegal aliens causes a sharp increase in gang and drug crime that would be reduced if the illegals weren’t there in the first place. The thing is, Federal, state and local governments keep data involving illegal immigration and crime out of the public’s eye for a reason.

And let’s not forget that the (at least) 2.3 million illegals dramatically increase the demand for housing and thus the price for homes and apartments in California, and I bet the Landlords LOVE the illegals over there.