California to Issue Driver’s Licences to One Million Illegal Immigrants

California illegal immigrants

Almost 1,000,000 illegal immigrants are set to receive driver’s licenses in California by the end of 2017. Through June the current year, California’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)  has issued more than 905,000 driver’s licenses via Assembly Bill 60, a law that requires applicants to provide proof of California residency and their identity, but not on their legal presence/status in California.

The Assembly Bill 60 was passed four years ago, in 2013, following over fifteen years of lobbying by open borders advocates. Initially, the bill was aimed at reducing penalties for illegal immigrants who drive and also to somehow bolster public safety. The Assembly Bill 60 started producing effects early in 2015, thus making California the tenth state to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

The response from illegals asking for driver’s licenses was huge, doubling initial expectations, but since 2015, the pace has diminished, with the DMV issuing approximately 11,000 Assembly Bill 60 licences in June, which makes for the lowest number since the AB 60 program’s inception.

In the first 6 months of 2017, California issued 83,000 driver’s licenses to illegals. The next question is this: if California officials know how many illegal immigrants were granted driver’s licenses,  how many of them registered to vote? The thing is, along with driver’s licences, the illegals have also been given the right to vote in the US elections. Also, how can an illegal/undocumented immigrant can prove his/her identity under Assembly Bill 60 if there are no documents to speak about?

Bottom line, along with their illegal driver’s licenses (most of them can’t even read English), they have also been given the right to illegally vote in US elections. In layman’s terms, no longer does being an American citizen mean anything in California.
Photo Nick Ut The Associated Press