California Will Have Stiffer Penalties For Pronoun Violations Than for Intentionally Spreading HIV

Another headline that sounds like it should be satire on The Onion but is completely true.

California Senator Scott Weiner AIDS law

If you were wondering what’s up with the picture, this bundle of sticks is an actual California DEM Senator (elected into office, yes, you got that right) responsible for the bill Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown just signed into law. The respective bill was sponsored by Democrat state Sen. Scott Weiner and it was signed into law last Friday, demonstrating more consequences from emptying the mental hospitals in the 1970s. People like Weiner need to be in psychiatric treatment, not in the legislature, but let that go.

The new legislation lowers the maximum penalty for knowingly/intentionally (as in premeditated) exposing or infecting a person to HIV to just 6 months in prison. The previous penalty was 8 years. Also last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed another bill, thus making it the law of the land, which allows for penalties of up to 1 year of jail time for health-care personnel who, let me quote, “willfully and repeatedly” use the “wrong” pronouns when they refer to a senior transgender patient.

Just to give you a hint, transgender pronoun mandates are unconstitutional, but California wants to secede anyway, so they don’t bother anymore with that old document we call the Constitution. Moving along with our story,  Democrat state Sen. Scott Weiner told CNN that, let me quote:

“The most effective way to reduce HIV infections is to destigmatize HIV. To make people comfortable talking about their infection, get tested, get into treatment.”

Does this sound insane to anyone else? One may wonder what is next for progressive California? Will they market AIDS as a weight loss alternative to working out?

While California’s exalted legislators and governor in Sacramento are hand wringing over pronoun usage, the state’s infrastructure is falling apart. The state is also deeply in debt and the state’s school system is a failure despite the fact that the state’s population is being taxed into poverty. But the idiots in Sacramento are on top of the pronoun issue which is most likely a violation of the 1st amendment.

The thing is, the transgender-pronoun law is designed to have a slow creeping effect. Start with senior transgenders living in nursing homes, because that is a safe group—utterly defenseless and the law protects a small percentage of the population, hence, it’s nothing to get worked up about, right?

That is exactly what you will hear all over the MSM when the issue is to be debated. But the ultimate goal will be to have these type of laws become pervasive to the point where children are taken away from their parents because their parents use the “wrong” gender pronoun. School teachers will be used as the useful moles.

We, the people, will be faced with HAVING to conform to the LGBT community definition of political correctness or lose our children. It’s happening in Canada as we speak, and that same agenda is what the LGBT community here in the US is ultimately trying to achieve. For more details on political correctness suppressing free speech see Jordan Peterson’s series “Professor against political correctness” on YouTube.

My bet is that these new bills will NOT hold up in court, yet they’ll last long enough to probably ruin a few lives.