Calls to Punish ‘global warming’ Skeptics Rise

climate deniers

Calls from climate Nazis/hardcore green-activists to punish global warming/climate change skepticism as a criminal offense have skyrocketed in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. The suggestion that there’s an undeniable scientific consensus (not true) with regard to anthropological (as in man-made) climate change and claims that “climate denialism is literally killing people” i.e. “murder is murder” sound very Orwellian, but that’s how the world looks like in 2017.

According to Brian Merchant, Climate change denial should be a crime while Mark Hertsgaard trumpets that Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us.

“In the wake of Harvey, it’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence — and hold those who do the denying accountable,”

What do you know, I’ve always thought that a single meteorological event has nothing to do with climate. However, even the ultimate social justice warrior also known as Pope Bergoglio turned Green Peace activist and said :

“You can see the effects of climate change with your own eyes, and scientists tell us clearly the way forward,”

The pope abandons faith for pop science; scientists abandon the scientific method for faith in the Gaia goddess. What an up-side-down world we live in!

However, it must be said that the latest 2 hurricanes that wreaked havoc in the US recently were by no means unprecedented in terms of devastation nor sheer power. Irma is only the 7th strongest storm to hit US mainland since 1850 when we’ve started keeping track of these things, while Harvey  ranked 17th.

The left’s push to punish (no pun intended) “climate deniers” (denying is a term used intentionally by leftists  which associates climate denialists to holocaust denialists in order to demonize them as much as possible) comes despite National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s statement that it would be ““premature to conclude that human activities — and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming — have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or tropical cyclone activity.” end quote.

Here is the undeniable truth: Science is never settled, and climate science is not even in its infancy, but still the proverbial twinkle in daddy’s eye. What scientists don’t know about the variables affecting the climate far surpasses what they do know. How do I know this? Because they cannot create an even remotely accurate computer climate model. If they don’t know what variables drive the climate, they cannot accurately predict what the climate will do or why. The old phrase “They don’t know what they don’t know” comes to mind. What we do know is that the earth’s climate is changing, just as it always has; just as it did before man existed.

The fact is, climate change exists – it has always existed. There is no “normal” climate. In the eons of the Earth’s existence the climate has changed from hot to cold and back again, the continents have drifted, at least 5 great extinctions have occurred which has resulted in the termination of 95% of all life that has ever existed on earth, the magnetic pole has changed from north to south and back again several times, …and more. And none of this is attributable to human action.

I have a hard time regarding climate  as science when they are constantly caught cooking the records to suit them.

Here are a couple of big questions to ask any climate-change-alarmist. What is the earth’s perfect climate?  What right do humans have to impose our view of earth’s perfect climate on the rest of the flora and fauna that inhabit the planet?

It is leftists that are always telling us that humans are but co-habitants of this planet; that the flora and fauna should have the right to sue in human courts to have their views considered as well.

I am only kidding (they are dead serious), but think about the so-called climatologists who can’t tell you the weather 7 days ahead, but they’ll describe you with pin point accuracy the average temperature of the Earth 50 years from now, that if you don’t pay carbon-taxes to Al Gore, the inventor of the internet.

They say “Climatology” is “settled science”, just like Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, right? So, it must have absolute, defined laws and corollaries that have been proven through the scientific method.

What’s the “First law of Climatology”?