Can Draconian Gun Control Laws Prevent Future Mass Shootings?

gun control las vegas shooting

It is remarkable to observe how following the Las Vegas massacre, the left jumped to push their gun control agenda while the bodies were still warm. Even if we don’t know much about the fine details of one of America’s worst mass shootings in history, Hillary Clinton and her ilk (mainstream media, comedians, activists etc) rushed to peddle their agenda, refusing to wait for all the facts to become available, choosing to politicize a horrific tragedy for advancing their anti-2nd Amendment propaganda.

We don’t really know if the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock circumvented the already existent gun control laws. It actually appears that he bought all of his (more than 50) guns legally, and he passed all the background checks, he jumped through all the hoops.

It’s still unclear if Paddock had ties with ISIS or antifa, or he simply was one disturbed individual who just snapped, his motives remain unknown and so forth and so on. However, motives and affiliations aside, gun control is not a panacea when it comes to violence. The main cause of violent crime has little to do with legislation , as guns are just tools, inanimate objects; it’s people killing/hurting other people, not guns.

Let’s take Europe for example. In France, which boasts some of the most draconian gun laws in the EU, Islamic terrorists massacred hundreds of people in 2015, using (completely banned) automatic weapons . In the Charlie Hebdo attack, fanatic Islamists killed 12  and injured dozens using AK 47s, while the Bataclan massacre left 130 killed and more than 400 maimed and tortured (both attacks were ISIS related). Obviously, a stupid law banning civilians from owning/carrying guns did not stop terrorists from procuring their weapon of choice, AK 47 and going on a killing spree on Paris’ streets. Actually, France’s strict gun control laws made self defense impossible for its law abiding citizens, as criminals don’t seem to care much about the law. Also, see the horrific Nice attack via truck which left 84 killed , the numerous bombings, knife attacks etc. Violence is not limited to guns.

If gun control laws would work, France (or Chicago by the way) would make for the safest places on God’s green Earth.

Another thing to contemplate is that mass shootings are a relatively new trend in the USA, the country with the most guns per capita in the world. Until the eighties, tens of millions of Americans owned and carried guns (even in airplanes) without the slightest problem. Mass shootings were very rare occurrences, almost unheard of, until things started to go very wrong with Columbine . There has been an explosion of mass shootings in the last 3 decades, and it’s not a matter of technology nor accessibility. Weaponry did not change significantly in the last 100 years. What changed was the culture.

Since the sixties , America has changed dramatically in many aspects, especially demography, but also with the rise of the reality TV/celebrity culture, based on radical individualism and narcissism,  not to mention the economic decline via the offshoring of the economy, which destroyed the middle class and led to a rampant use of psychiatric/psychotropic drugs (also spawned America’s inner cities which are responsible for most of the criminality), the breakdown of the traditional family and a  general decline in morality and religion. Moral relativism became the norm, especially in the progressive urban America. There are no moral absolutes anymore, children are not taught about good and evil, right and wrong, now everything goes, if it feels good, do it. Post modern/post Christian America can be described best by Dostoevsky’s famous quote: without God, everything’s permitted.

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