Can the Liberal West Stop Radical Islam?


Judging from recent (terror) events, Londonistan seems to be the future of western (liberal) democracies. To begin with, London is no longer English territory, i.e. a majority white/Christian city since 2012, despite the fact it’s the capital of the United Kingdom. And if we look back at recent events, the Islamic terrorists attacks in Londonistan are most probably the wave of the future for most of western Europe.

If I’ve learned anything from history, starting with Mecca and Medina and ending up with Lebanon more recently, this is what happens when a country allows for unlimited Muslim immigration (refugees or whatever). Extremism begins to grow exponentially and soon enough it gets out of control, like it was the case with Saturday night’s terrorist attack in London that followed the one in Manchester not to weeks ago and so on and so forth. Radical Islamic terrorists used knives, vans and suicide vests for killing dozens of innocent civilians (we already use the term civilians like we’re in a war of sorts) and injuring scores.

It’s a known fact that there are over 23,000 potential Islamic terrorists in Britain as we speak, which makes for almost the exact same number of ISIS jihadists fighting in Syria. According to scientific studies, more than 30% of British Muslims are sympathizing with jihadists and over half of them would like to live under Sharia law in the UK. The Muslim population in Britain is booming while the native Christians’ birthrates are declining steeply. The most popular name in the UK is now Mohammad, not John. London’s Muslim population is growing fast (1,3 million and counting), and the writing is on the wall (they already have a Muslim mayor who is a radical Islamist).

Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor is on record saying that Europeans must pay the price for living in a modern (read multicultural/ethnically diverse) city, and the price is Islamic terrorism. Obviously, this guy is part of the problem, not of the solution. Khan also wants more Muslims immigrants to enter the UK, and that’s obvious, as Muslims always vote for Muslim politicians. That’s why Khan’s ilk always pedal globalism, open borders and multiculturalism.

Make no mistake, Western elites are also part of the problem, as they’ve advocated for a long time the same ideology, i.e. un-vetted/uncontrolled mass third world immigration, with an emphasis on the Muslim world, especially for the past three decades, whilst turning a blind eye to increasing radicalization in prisons, schools and mosques. And in every country where Muslims are a significant minority or a majority, radicals emerge and they inexorably engage in jihad, i.e. the holy war and persecution of infidels begins. That’s the 1400 year old story of Islam, starting with Medina and Mecca, once Christian cities. What happens now in Europe is not new, just history repeating itself, and sometimes rhyming.

The same story is true all across the Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia, North Africa, Afghanistan, China, Philippines, India and now the US and Western Europe. The rise of Islam is never followed by social tranquility nor peace, it’s quite the opposite. Western liberalism cannot coexist with Islam peacefully, as their values are completely antithetical.

How many innocent people must die on the altar of multiculturalism and political correctness until we realize these hard facts?