Canada Criminalizes Use Of Wrong Gender Pronouns

canada transgender law

When it comes to pathological political correctness, Canada stands proud among the “best” out there, right next to “so tolerant” Sweden maybe, especially after passing a very strange law which criminalizes the use of wrong gender pronouns. The law (Bill C-16) passed by Canada’s Senate stipulates that from now it’s illegal to use the “wrong” gender pronouns under punishment of…well, a lot of things.

For example, if you’re not a big fan of the “progressive” gender theory, as in you do believe that your genes determine your gender and sex change is impossible, you may be (theoretically speaking for now, because the law is brand new and not yet ready to roll) accused/convicted of hate speech, hate crimes, fined, jailed even, and finally forced to take anti-bias training, something along the lines of the movie “A Clockwork Orange” (if you did not see it, I strongly encourage you to remedy that).

If the bill gets royal assent from the House of Commons, it will pas into law and it will put gender expression and gender identity into Canada’s Human Rights code, along with the hate crime category in the country’s Criminal Code. Former substitute drama teacher and part time ski instructor Justin Trudeau, the father of multiculturalism and progressive extraordinaire was bursting with joy following the awesome news:


Canada’s AG and Justice Minister was equally happy:


According to the VP of Campaign Life Toronto, a pro-life group:

“This tyrannical bill is nothing but social engineering to the nth degree, all in the name of political correctness,”

Controlling language is a powerful means of controlling thought and *compelling* behaviors.

Freedom, liberty and rights are being systematically destroyed by the Left’s PC-Think.

Most people that have sex changes end up killing themselves- look it up (transgenders have a suicide rate 20x higher than the general population). What transgenders really need is a psychiatrist, not a so-called human right from Canada’s parliament.These confused people need help and counselling, instead they are taken advantage of by people trying to push a political agenda (plus there’s a lot of money to be made by the medical establishment performing complex surgery and all that) not backed by science.

I can only hope that soon Canada will begin to draw the mentally ill and gender-confused from the United States and we can be free of this idiocy altogether.

Source LifeSiteNews