Canada Passes Law Condemning Islamophobia

In what has been described by many as an attempt to silence the critics of Islam, Canada’s Parliament with strong support from the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed a “Blasphemy Bill” earlier this week.

The respective bill dubbed Motion-103 was passed with 201 votes vs 91 against and it basically singles out Islam for special protection, with the polls showing an incredible 71% of Canadians being against this measure.

Obviously, the bill was initiated by a muslim liberal MP, Iqra Khalid and it urges Canada’s government to, let me quote from the Orwellian bill:

“develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.”

and also to condemn the made-up term Islamophobia. What’s funny and equally Orwellian is the fact that the bill never describes what Islamophobia is.

According to a motion signed by 75,000 Canadians via CitizenGo, the country’s MPs are asked to stop the bill which kills free speech via criminalizing it, laying ground for what can be best described as the imposing of soft sharia law over Canada. Sharia law is fundamental in Islamic countries and among many other things, it severely punishes blasphemy, i.e. those who criticize Allah, the prophet Mohamed or his teachings.

Take Pakistan for example:

295C: “Use of derogatory remarks, etc; in respect of the Holy Prophet. Whoever by words, either spoken or written or by visible representation, or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.”


According to the Sunna (the traditions of Muhammad and the early Muslim community), by using foul language against the Muslim prophet Muhammad, Allah, or Islam, the non-Muslim transgressors put themselves on a war footing against Muslims, and their lives became licit (such as the poet Kaab b. al-Ashraf, who composed poems denigrating Muhammad, and was assassinated). [see 1.1,1.2, 1.3]

This type of censorship is unacceptable in a Western democracy, yet Canada’s politicians seem to be more attached to Islamic values than to Western ones, such as freedom of speech.

The petition states:

“This motion will encourage legislation that would criminalize speech deemed ‘islamophobic’ and lay the groundwork for imposing what is essentially a Sharia anti-blasphemy law on all of Canada.


Even if this motion doesn’t actually change any existing laws in Canada, nor creates new ones, it allows for a special committee to be formed with the purpose of studying the issue of eliminating Islamophobia and it also empowers the government to collect data on Islamic hate-crimes/hate speech or whatever is deemed to be against the fatwas at some point in time in the future.

In this writer’s opinion, any serious plan to combat discrimination, including religious discrimination must include all faiths, all groups, not only muslims. With this bill passed, any Canadian who disagrees with Sharia Law, which makes the Decalogue to sound like apple pie by the way, may very well be classified as an Islamophobe.