CBS Poll: More Than 50% of Americans Support Trump’s Strike on Syria

According to the latest CBS News pollover half of Americans stand behind President Trump’s Friday decision to bomb Syria. The majority of the American people believes that the recent Tomahawk air strike on the Syrian military airfield was a good thing for the homeland.

The poll shows that 57 percent of those interviewed approve of the strike, but only a third of them, 18% to be more exact would like to see a “boots on the ground” follow up, i.e. American soldiers deployed in Syria following the strike on Friday.

The same poll shows a huge seventy percent of Americans asking President Trump to go before Congress, as per the US Constitution’s instructions, asking for approval prior to engaging in further military action against the Syrian regime.

It definitely seems that President Trump’s “wag the dog” style military action on Syria did pretty good with regard to rallying the American people behind him.

As usual, President Trump managed to achieve maximum success with very little casualties, showing decisiveness and determination, whilst becoming a player on the big chess board for the first time into his young presidency.

About the part with seeking Congress approval, US troops are already in Syria, following congress approval and Obama’s decision.

The element of surprise is vital in these types of military operations. Just think about Russia or China firing nukes at us. Should then President Trump, the commander in chief go before Congress and asking them for permission, i.e. whether the US retaliates or not?

Time and the element of surprise are crucial in certain scenarios, and President Trump did a good job with the Tomahawk strike on Friday, killing many birds with one stone while keeping casualties at a minimum. Assad is on a tight leash now, North Korea is on notice and so are China and Russia.