Charlie Hebdo Magazine Mocks Hurricane Harvey Victims: “God Drowned All The Neo-Nazis In Texas”

charlie hebdo mocks harvey victims

Charlie Hebdo is a French magazine which gained international notoriety in 2015, after it was the victim of an Islamic terrorist attack that killed twelve of its staff members, as they were mocking Islam’s prophet Mohammed in their cartoons. However, the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo looks like it’s trying to reach a new low with regard to bad taste and a complete lack of humor, as it mocks Hurricane Harvey victims, claiming that God drowned all the neo Nazis in Texas.

If your French is rusty, the cover of the magazine literally says: “God Exists! He Drowned All The Neo-Nazis In Texas”.

According to the latest figures, Hurricane Harvey killed over thirty people in heavily-armed Texas and tens of thousands are stranded, while hundreds of thousands of “Nazis” as per Charlie Hebdo’s parlance have lost their homes. The reactions on social media are truly delicious:



The most ironic thing about the Texas Nazis getting drowned by Hurricane Harvey is the fact that Houston’s Harry County, the area most affected by the flooding voted massively for Hillary in the 2016 election, while most of its population is non white. Even if Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine and not a news reporting outlet, the headline is carefully crafted to cause upset and irritation, being all about mocking people, yet I fail to see what’s funny in mocking the victims of a natural disaster. Insulting innocent people gratuitously  doesn’t mean you have a sense of humor.