China Conducted Nuclear Attack Drills Over Guam

china nuclear bombers guam

In a very tense and unexpected move, China dispatched  earlier this week 3 of their nuclear capable/long range bombers to buzz Guam, which is US territory. The nuclear capable Chinese bombers conducted nothing less than nuclear attack drills, i.e. bomb runs on Guam.

President Trump’s NSA McMaster warned China by saying that overflights by nuclear-capable aircraft near Pentagon air-bases are not in China’s best interest. US National Security Advisor HR McMaster made his veiled threats earlier on Friday, after Chinese heavy (nuclear-capable) bombers conducted nuclear attack drills in the Pacific Ocean ahead of President Trump’s upcoming visit to Asia-Pacific region, which includes stops to South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China and the Philippines.

The mass media kept quiet on the news about the Chinese bombers conducting nuclear attack drills on Guam, yet according to the South China Morning Post, details leaked courtesy of Virginia-based Military Times. At first sight, these surprising moves on China’s part do not make much sense at all.

However, there are a few distinct possibilities:

-China performed this show of force simply because they could, thus reminding the world and the United States they are a de-facto nuclear superpower.

-China did this because the US Navy keeps sending military ships within the twelve mile so-called “territorial waters” of the artificial islands China has been building in the South China Sea for the last couple of years.  China now claims these islands to be their territory; however, no other nation in the world recognizes artificial islands built in the middle of the ocean as other country’s “territory”, which would be subject to a 12 mile limit.

-China did this just because the United States is doing the same thing to North Korea, its ally, and China wants to make sure the United States remembers that China has a treaty to defend Pyongyang.

-China did this knowing the POTUS was about to travel to Asia-Pacific this weekend, and they wanted to give the Donald a little taste  of the “action” he gave Chinese President Xi Jinping, as Xi was visiting at President Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago. Back then, President Trump told Chinese President Jinping that the United States had just bombed a Syrian airport as a response to an alleged chemical attack by Bashar Al Assad’s regime on civilians, while the two Presidents were eating chocolate cake.  Thus, China got to surprise Trump the way Trump surprised Xi?  A payback of sorts?

Of all these  four possibilities above, number three is most worrying simply because it is 100% true.