China Demands Immediate Halt to Deployment of U.S. Missiles in South Korea

Beijing said it will take ‘necessary measures’ to defend against the missile battery

Minuteman III missile

Beijing has reacted and demanded an ‘immediate’ halt to the deployment of a powerful missile defense system in South Korea. The announcement from Chinese Foreign Ministry came after the controversial decision of the Trump administration to deploy THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea.

Seoul said that the new anti-missile system can now defend the country from North Korean missiles. However, just hours after the advanced anti-missile system became operational, China reacted and threatened to ‘take necessary measures to uphold our interests’.

According to Washington and Seoul, the billion-dollar defense system will serve to protect South Korean citizens from potential attacks from North Korea, after the regime in Pyongyang conducted repeated missile tests.

On the other hand, China believes that system’s powerful radar system will be used to spy on them. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman said: ‘We oppose the deployment of the THAAD system and urge relevant sides to immediately stop the deployment. We will firmly take necessary measures to uphold our interests.”

Geng also praised Donald Trump’s comments that he would be honored to meet Kim Jong-un.

‘We also said many times that the US and [North Korea]… should make political decisions at an early date, take action and show good faith so that we can create a better atmosphere for resuming the peace talks and settling the issue.’

Earlier, Trump made a surprising statement and said he is ready to meet with Kim ‘under the right circumstances’, but did not specify what those would be.

Tensions in the Korean peninsula are high after Pyongyang’s provocative missile tests. On more than one occasion, Trump mentioned the possibility of war against North Korea. The regime in Pyongyang responded by threats of nuclear retaliation against the U.S. and warned that the region is ‘close to nuclear war’.

Source: Daily Mail