China Moves Troops to North Korea Border

According to reports from the local newspapers, China is moving 150,000 troops at its border with North Korea. According to many analysts, this move is aimed at preemptively mitigating a future wave of NKorean refugees following a presumptive American airstrike on the Pyongyang communist dictatorship.

It is now widely accepted that President Trump’s strike on Syria’s military airfield in the aftermath of the gas attack blamed on the Assad regime was more of a warning to China and North Korea alike than to Bashar al Assad.

China was reportedly shocked by the American airstrikes on Syria and it now deploys back up units and medical aid from the People’s Liberation Army (that’s the Chinese military) to the Yalu River which makes for China’s border with North Korea.

Other theories claim that the 150,000 Chinese troops deployed at the North Korean border may be actually an invasion force. The story goes something like this: with the US Navy moving its state of the art strike group from Singapore to NKorea (including the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson), the Chinese are expecting a sort of a blitzkrieg war on the North Korean missile/nuclear facilities.

Then, the Chinese army will invade North Korea and clean up the messy Kim Jong dictatorship. Basically, the US will remove Kim Jong-un and/or his dangerous military installations via air strikes, while the Chinese army will act as an invasion force.

Both theories have a common denominator: the US strike force in the Korean peninsula is seeking a regime change in Pyongyang and that’s highly disturbing considering that North Korea is a nuclear armed nation.

It is also reported that China is considering shutting down Pyongyang’s weapons program, thus ending the military collaboration with the North Korean regime.


Photo: EPA