China Preparing for Preemptive Strike Against US Military Bases?

History aficionados reading the title will probably think along the lines of Pearl Harbor reloaded. However, this is not the case just yet.

According to an investigation based on satellite imagery, China appears to be preparing for an attack on United States military basis in the Pacific.

The satellite imagery investigation compared US military bases vs China’s missile testing grounds and it definitely seems like those test areas were designed to look just like the respective military bases, which is pretty weird and it raises a number of questions with regard to China’s intentions.

It’s also worth noticing that China deployed a highly accurate ballistic missile earlier this week, which is capable of hitting Japanese and US bases in Asia and I am talking about the DF-16 medium range missile.

This type of missile has a range of 1000 miles or ~1500 kilometers, which puts Japan/US military bases in the Pacific within striking distance.

The satellite imagery comparison shows how Chinese army is testing its rockets against mock targets which look like military basis in Japan.


The DF-16 medium range missile can carry up to 3 warheads weighing up to a metric ton, whether nukes or conventional high explosives. The state of the art missile is very accurate to within 16 feet or 5 meters of the designated target, which is pretty similar to US cruise missiles.

According to, China’s ballistic missile development program is highly advanced and the most active in the world.

Truth be told, it’s understandable  for the Chinese military to train for attacking US/Japanese bases, considering the fact that the diplomatic relations between the US and China are precarious to say the least.

The rivalry amid China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea and Japan (among others) is rising, making it likely for the world powers to engage on a collision course in the near future.

President Trump’s administration described its China policy along the lines of peace through strength, which is pretty far from defusing the situation.

Source: Dailymail