China Urges North Korea to Halt Tests As Global Pressure Mounts

north korea sanctions

In the aftermath of the new United Nations sanctions on the Pyongyang regime, China, which can be described as North Korea’s economic lifeline, asked its neighbor earlier on Sunday to stop both its nuclear and ICBM tests as the global pressure intensifies.

The global punitive campaign on the Pyongyang regime was propped up by the new UN sanctions on North Korea which amount to a one billion dollars ban (that makes for roughly 30% of the country’s estimated $3bn in annual exports) on the country’s exports and the Sunday’s announcement on China’s part made the Trump administration to cautiously embrace China’s newfound apparent cooperation. However, the White House announced it will watch closely  in order to make sure that China doesn’t ease up on the Pyongyang regime as the world’s attention is distracted by other events.

President Trump was very happy with the news sanctions imposed by the UN on North Korea, which are the strongest in a generation, as he cited the very important financial impact of the respective sanctions, whilst cheering the fact that both Russia and China had joined the unanimously 15-0 vote in the Security Council.

The new UN sanctions will hit hard fishermen and laborers in North Korea. Also, existing joint ventures will not be able to expand their operations. Furthermore, all countries are now barred from importing seafood, coal, iron and lead from North Korea and from accepting North Korean laborers, which may help with funding the rogue communist regime in Pyongyang.

Even President Trump’s most vocal enemies saluted him on his foreign policy victory in the UN security council:


On Saturday morning, the POTUS tweeted:


However, despite the general optimism, the US rejected China’s call to freeze its joint military exercises with S. Korea, which were regarded as the “price” to pay for North Korea halting its ICBM/nuclear development. China’s foreign ministry Wang warned North Korea during an official meeting on Sunday in Manila:

“Do not violate the U.N.’s decision or provoke international society’s goodwill by conducting missile launching or nuclear tests,”

saying that the goal of the new UN sanctions was to force Pyongyang toward dialogue and negotiations. However, China is still keeping the crazy fat kid’s regime afloat via massive exports of food and fuel and the new sanctions are most probably not enough to alter N. Korea’s behavior. The best indicator on whether the Pyongyang has taken the UN/Chinese warnings seriously will be whether North Korea will refrain from more ICBM tests in the future.

Via AP