Chinese Media Happy With Trump-Xi Meeting, Confrontation Not Imminent

donald trump meets xi

The state owned Chinese media was very happy in the aftermath of the official meeting between the POTUS Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping . They actually cheered the Mar-A-Lago encounter between the 2 most powerful men on the planet, as they saw it as a confirmation that the two nations can get together and sort issues out diplomatically, i.e. a confrontation (military or economical, as in a trade war) is not inevitable.

China Daily, an official mouthpiece for the chicoms and a state-owned newspaper declared that it was encouraging to see the 2 day summit which ended on Friday going so well, considering the confusing signals received from  the new administration in Washington about the future of US-China relationship.

And that’s understandable considering President Donald Trump rhetoric about China and trade relations from recent months. During his campaign, The Donald was very aggressive with regard to China, but he did not actually blamed the Chinese for the situation.

Instead, he focused on the catastrophic trade agreements which are to be pinned on previous US administrations. China played its hand as good as possible, and it followed its national interest; it was the US political class (bipartisan) who created the mess, i.e. a huge trade deficit with China and the offshoring of US jobs and manufacturing facilities.

The editorial from China Daily reads:

[both parties are]equally enthusiastic about the constructive relationship they have promised to cultivate. This may sound surreal to those preoccupied with an ‘inescapable’ conflict scenario between what they see as rising and incumbent powers. But that Beijing and Washington have so far managed to do well in preventing conflicts shows confrontation is not inevitable.

The bilateral meeting between the US and China served as an accurate indicator that things are going good with the new Trump administration, making it likely for the 2 countries to improve trade deals and economic collaboration in a pragmatic relationship.

President Trump tweeted about the meeting on Saturday:

“goodwill and friendship was formed, but only time will tell on trade.”