CIA Director Pompeo Says Russian Meddling ‘Did Not Affect Outcome Of Election’

CIA Director WRECKS The Democrats' Russia Narrative

CIA Director Mike Pompeo delivered a speech on Thursday, as he appeared before the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, during which he wrecked the DEM’s/mainstream media narrative about the so-called Russia interference/collusion or whatever you want to call it into the 2016 election cycle. Mike Pompeo set the record straight by saying that the left’s claims that Russia’s interference in the election skewed the results is spurious, as he flatly stated:

“The intelligence community’s assessment is that the Russian meddling that took place did not affect the outcome of the election,”

He also explained the snowflakes that Russia’s efforts to influence America’s elections and its internal/foreign policy is nothing new:

“Until there is a new leader in Russia I suspect it will be a threat an awfully long time.”

Russian “meddling” did not sway the election, but it DID enrich the Clinton foundation. Jeff Sessions…are you awake? Now, it’s true that Russians are always meddling, but so are Americans.

Could someone please help me understand “meddling”?

1) Could it include Obama’s attempt to influence the 2015 Israeli election? (Obama spent taxpayer dollars interfering in the Israeli elections)

2) Obama’s trade threat to influence the 2016 Brexit vote.

3) Obama’s video intervening in the French Election for Macron

4) Obama intervened in Canada with operatives and money to overthrow conservatives.

5) Hillary’s intervention in Russian elections in 12/2011 resulting in mass protests in Moscow.

Khrushchev bragged that he put JFK in office by not releasing Francis Gary Powers, the pilot of a downed spy plane, until after the election. So things like this have been going on for ever, on both sides. It’s only bad when Hillary loses.

The Russians tried to influence the election, but they failed to do so.

We meddle in other countries’ affairs and elections all the time. Reciprocity is expected. Why can the Democrats collude with Soros, Germany, and France to get dirt on Trump but Trump can’t collude with anyone else?