CIA Given Power to Launch Drone Strikes

President Donald Trump who is currently in a sort of war with the deep state just gave the Central Intelligence Agency the power to launch drone strikes.

This is a very curious development, considering the President’s rather bellicose rhetoric and general attitude against intelligence services, who were accused of spying/wiretapping candidate Trump and more recently of leaking classified intelligence to the mainstream media.

However, it’s also true that President Trump accused certain holdovers from the Obama era, not the intelligence services generally, but that’s not how the MSM reported it. The new authority given to the CIA marks a steep departure from former president Barack Obama era’s policies.

Back then, only the Pentagon had the authority to conduct such operations, i.e. drone strikes against people suspected of terrorism.

With President Trump giving the CIA the capability of launching secret drone strikes , he basically reignited the turf war between the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency in a “divide et impera” fashion.

During former president’s tenure, the CIA’s role was reduced at using drones and various intelligence resources to identify and locate terrorists, while the Pentagon had the final “say”, i.e. the US Military was in charge of conducting the actual drone strike.

In this way, with the military in charge of the wet work, the idea was to promote accountability and transparency, as the Pentagon is forced by law to report publicly most of its airstrikes.

Obviously, this is not the case with the CIA, where “covert ops” and “total secrecy” is the name of the game, i.e. they will not be required to disclose anything, whether we’re talking about killing terrorists or civilian casualties.

According to the White House, the new powers given to the CIA are only aimed at accelerating the war against the Islamic State in Syria, but from previous experiences, we can speculate that the CIA will most probably expand its area of operations further in Yemen, Libya, Somalia and who knows where else.

The military was also given more authority and from now on, it will be capable of conducting its ops more autonomous, without requiring prior authorization from the Pentagon or the White House.

Source: WSJ