City of Warren Offers Cash for Snitching on Drug Dealers

Warren cash for snitching drug dealers

If you’re a Warren resident, here’s a career tip for you: snitch on your local drug dealer and earn a cool $500 reward. The City of Warren just implemented a very interesting policy, a rewards program respectively, which pays big bucks for any type of information which could lead to the apprehension of suspected drug dealers.

This very out-of-the-box “Cash for Drug Dealers” also known as PAID (People Against Illegal Drugs)  program was announced on Wednesday. In order to get the $500 reward, you’ll have to provide the police with comprehensive intel about drug dealers, intel leading to a search warrant/arrest connected to illegal drug sales from a Warren residence.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts was quoted as saying that tips will be confidential, of course:

“This program means all Warren residents will be the eyes and ears in our war against drug pushers”

while police Commissioner Bill Dwyer added:

Our residents have the right to live, work and raise a family in an illegal drug-free neighborhood. “For years we’ve been fighting the war on drugs, and quite frankly, we’re not winning the war,”

And if you were worrying about tax payers money being wasted on this futuristic program, don’ t worry: drug forfeiture funds will be used for rewards. To get the full $500, the snitch would have to provide the police with a summary of the drug pusher’s activity, including the address of the suspect, a contact name and a phone number.