Claim: 48% of Americans Want President Trump Impeached

donald trump

According to the latest survey performed by the DEM polling firm PPP (Public Policy Polling), almost half of Americans would like to see President Donald Trump impeached. However, after the latest elections, Brexit et al, we all know how much one can trust polling companies, but let that go for a moment.

The thing is, despite the highly provocative headline of the article, this new survey/poll does little more than to prove once again that Public Policy Polling is still using pretty significant DEM over-samples and President Donald Trump’s favorability in the polls is greatly influenced on one’s party affiliation.

To make a long story short, 81% of Hillary voters are supporting the impeachment of the POTUS whilst 83% of Trump’s base are opposing it. Imagine my shock!

Regardless of what this obviously cooked poll claims to prove, one may wonder whether any of the rabid never-Trumpers interviewed could argue for impeachment using a single fact, as opposed to claims and unconfirmed reports coming from heavily biased leftist mainstream media outlets like WaPo and the NYT. To be more precise, what exactly did President Trump do to deserve to be impeached?

The only thing the DEMs and their liberal MSM mouthpieces were able to “prove” so far was the fact that several Russian media organizations wrote negative pieces about Hillary Clinton during last year’s election cycle. However, that pales in comparison to the incredible amount of negative coverage from the US mainstream media the Republicans and Donald Trump have received (and still receiving) for the last 2-3 decades. Does this mean that NYT, WaPo, CNN et all were/are trying to hack the US elections? And to see proof of Democrat oversample in PPP’s newest survey, check this out: