Claim: House Speaker Ryan to Step Aside in 2018, Leave DC


Speaking of swamp drain, a Thursday article in Politico claims that House Speaker Paul Ryan is contemplating his last term in Congress, i.e. he’ll step down in 2018. The article written by Tim Alberta and Rachael Bade reads:

“Ryan has made it known to some of his closest confidants that this will be his final term as speaker. He consults a small crew of family, friends and staff for career advice, and is always cautious not to telegraph his political maneuvers. But the expectation of his impending departure has escaped the hushed confines of Ryan’s inner circle and permeated the upper-most echelons of the GOP,”

The article in Politico emphasizes Ryan’s presumable exit as pretty strange, saying that the House Speaker’s had, let me quote, a “better-than-expected relationship with President Donald Trump,” even if the latter is well known for constantly criticizing the former on Twitter:

Paul Ryan is a known never Trumper and a swamp creature, being one of several prominent Congressmen who refused to support then candidate Donald Trump back in 2016’s presidential campaign:

Life would be a lot easier for these Republicans if they would just listen to their voters. If they actually did that, the Republican Party would be unstoppable. However,  they wouldn’t be able to line their pockets with corporate bribes if they did that and they’d be forced to survive on a meager salary ($150k a year?).