Claim: Mueller Probe First Charges Filed in Russia Investigation

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According to a Friday report via CNN, the grand jury impaneled by former FBI director Robert Mueller, who is currently in charge of the probe into President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia is now looking at its first indictments.

Even if the charges on at least one person which may face arrest as soon as Monday are sealed, CNN already had the scoop on Friday night and that’s rather strange, to say the least.

CNN reports that multiple people could be facing charges, but it’s currently a mystery what the charges are about or who they have been filed against. However, those affected by the respective indictments may be arrested by as early as Monday. Mueller’s investigation focused on 2 main things: the potential collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign back in 2016 and the POTUS’s alleged obstruction of justice, in his attempt to impede the Russia investigation.

These bombshell news, provided the CNN report is accurate, make for an interesting coincidence, i.e. special counsel Mueller chose to finally move ahead with charges just as a number of Republicans and journalists (the WSJ) called for his investigation to be shut down due to a complete lack of proof/results, and as the US Congress launched investigations into Hillary Clinton’s dealings with the Russians, including the Uranium One scandal.

This is what Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona told Fox News on Friday:

“the federal code could not be clearer – Mueller is compromised by his apparent conflict of interest in being close with James Comey.”

And here’s New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie:

“If the facts that you just laid out are true, then somebody with Bob Mueller’s integrity will step aside, and should,”

One may argue that Mueller, who personally acted as a bag-man for the Clintons in the Uranium One deal(he handed over a uranium sample to the Russians) is now in panic mode as the Uranium One Scandal is blowing up in Democrats’ face and this is nothing more than a desperate move to stay relevant and divert attention from the queen’s problems.

I mean, all of a sudden we have arrest warrants when the wheels are coming off the investigation? The timing is very suspicious, as this weekend is also the deadline for Mueller to submit his financial costs, and there have been lots of rumblings of shutting him down if the costs are too high and nothing’s happened.

However, all these things aside, I’m guessing the guy who’s going to be arrested on Monday is Paul Manafort (disclosure requirements and lobbying). The same  former Trump Campaign CEO Paul Manafort who worked for John and Tony Podesta (DNC), while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and assisted in gaining Russian benefits via influence over State Department policy.

And Manafort getting screwed by Mueller for some random conversation or business deal will be claimed as a victory by the left, and Trump will be deemed guilty by association (even if he fired Manafort), association with a known Democrat operative mind you. Manafort lobbied for the Russians to the Podesta Group long before he ever started working with Trump. That says it all.

All these people are as inter-bred as the Royal Families of Europe in the late 19th century.

The whole Russia conspiracy story goes something like this: Democrats colluded with foreigners to concoct accusations used by the Obama administration to justify spying on Team Trump. I don’t fault them for looking at Russia for dirt but one would think that the obvious glass house scenario would eventually come in to play.

But they didn’t expect to lose the election. This was all intended to neuter the Trump train and quash the movement for HRC’s re-election. Trump & Co. tried to get Russian dirt on her so that’s kind of fair game. But there has to be some there there. I believe she waltzed around Moscow with her unprotected device pre-Bleach Bit and they had the goods on her. They really wanted her.

The whole collusion narrative was disinformation designed to make it appear they wanted Trump to spike the Never Trump thing, which worked but not well enough. The only disclosure from the hack concerned HRC and the party cheating Bernie. Everyone knew that.

If the Russians truly wanted to sink her they could have put all this Uranium One business out there before the election. Adding to this theory is the BS meeting at Trump Tower where Russians showed up to offer dirt on Hillary but then only wanted to talk adoptions. This meeting occurred between the DNC hack and the Wiki publication.

The point of it was to establish that a meeting occurred. But from the Trump vantage point, who colludes with Russia then emails other Russians and invites them to the office in broad daylight past video cameras? These guys wouldn’t have ordered vodka from the bar had they just participated in the hacking. The whole thing was a construct and an intelligence operation. I just wonder how much the Obama administration knew and if they colluded to frame Trump.