Claim: Mueller Tries to Turn Manafort

Paul Manafort

Reuters reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller just set his target on the easiest mark with regard to the alleged Russia collusion, i.e. Paul Manafort, former Trump Campaign Manager in the 2016 election. According to the Reuters piece, Robert Mueller is trying to persuade Paul Manafort to break ranks, as in to recruit him as a cooperating witness in the witch-hunt against the POTUS, also known as the Russia investigation. Obviously, Manafort was offered full immunity with regard to potential money laundering charges.

Truth be told, Mueller’s focus on former Trump Campaign Manager Manafort is not a big surprise to anyone, as this guy is on a full-scale fishing expedition trying to destroying Trump’s presidency at any cost. Also, Paul Manafort seems to be an easy target in Mueller’s view, as he attended the June 2016 infamous Russia meeting set up by Trump JR in the Trump Tower, a red herring by the way, but also he is investigated for his alleged ties to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, together with a number of real estate deals, more or less shady.

Currently, Mueller’s fishing expedition is so far off of its initial target (the Russian government colluding with Trump’s campaign team in 2016) that they’re looking into Manafort’s NY city real estate deals, seeking for evidence that the respective properties might have been paid with  Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s money funneled to Manafort in a bizarre scheme of sorts. Paul Manafort was hired by Viktor Yanukovych to do political consulting work in the past. According to Reuters, Manafort acquired 3 New York City properties between 2006 and 2013. Mind you, the election took place in 2016 and Manafort was fired by Trump as soon as word got out that Southern District of New York Preet Bharara was looking into Manafort’s finances.

It’s obvious that Mueller’s fishing expedition is trying to nail Manafort on things that are not related in any way with his activities as Trump’s campaign manager. Manafort’s business with Viktor Yanukovych has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, not to mention that Paul Manafort was ousted by Trump very early in the campaign, especially for his alleged ties with Viktor Yanukovych. The swamp never sleeps and Mueller must be fired ASAP as he’s crossing all the red-lines in the world.

Harry Truman once said: “when you enter politics poor and leave politics rich you’re stealing”.Robert Mueller is worth 18 million dollars. And I think Mueller made like 7 million bucks during the recession in 2008-2009 when he was FBI director, which means now we require a special prosecutor to investigate the special prosecutor, right?Also,  Mueller has been a fixer for the Clintons for years. It was well known at the time, but that was several years ago. Also, regarding the Reuters piece, it’s worth remembering that 99% of what the MSM left-wing propaganda machine calls ‘sources’ or ‘a person close to the administration’ is simply the so called reporter/journalist making things up himself.

Newt Gingrich: “The Mueller investigation has so many conflicts of interest, it’s almost an absurdity. The law firm he comes from gave 99.81 percent of its donations to Hillary Clinton last year. That’s right, .19 of 1 percent went to Donald Trump. The people he has been hiring are all anti-Trump lawyers, several of them have very bad records of hiding information from the defense and one case was rebuked by the Supreme Court in a 9-0 vote. It’s hard to understand why he would assemble such a team unless it was a deliberate effort to go after the President and the President’s team.”


Photo Carlo Allegri/File Photo Reuters