Claim: President Trump Preparing for War with REP Congress, Independent White House

Donald Trump Deep State

As soon as Anthony ‘Mooch’ Scaramucci was ousted from the White House after executing a masterful hit-job on leakers and RINOs, the Trump administration was plagued by yet another wave of leaks. This time, CNBC’s reporter John Harwood claims that an anonymous source described as a Ryan-Priebus ally has revealed to him (exclusively) that the POTUS is now planning to become more independent from the GOP dominated Congress, while taking on Republican lawmakers who are not able/not willing to pursue his agenda.

John Harwood tweeted the same day Mooch was removed from his position as White House Communications Director:




Taking into consideration another interesting piece of news about Rand Paul telling Reuters that Donald Trump is considering executive-actions with regard to healthcare (read this:Rand Paul: Trump Studying Exec Action on Healthcare), it seems that we have some very interesting months ahead of us news-wise.

The thing is, a big portion of the GOP is actually part  of the swamp, also known as the Uniparty, which is owned by (the same) special interests/the donor/lobbyist class (both DEM and REP alike), and as long as they  keep winning, their puppets in Congress keep winning. While the Republicans might like to be in charge every once in a while, they are perfectly happy to serve their globalist donors when the Democrats are in charge too; in fact it’s probably easier for them to play that game (see what happened with the bill repealing Obamacare). The puppet-masters use Uniparty-R as a safety relief valve. When voters get ticked off at Uniparty-D they can kick them out and vote Uniparty-R back into “power”; however, the special interests/donors win either way. In the meantime our so-called “representatives” in government don’t represent us, they represent their masters/donors.

It’s very clear that the GOP dominated Congress  has declared war against this administration (and the Trump voters) since day one.For example, the US Congress still hasn’t and refuses to approve hundreds of Trump appointments. That saddles him with Obama-era holdovers in all branches of government. People the President should be able to rely on are actually working against him, openly.

This is no longer a democratic republic, because our government has been hijacked a long time ago. That’s why the 2018’s midterms are essential, as Americans must primary never Trumpers and RINOs and replace them with MAGA candidates. It’s also important to set term limits for Congress, as politicians are not sent to DC to get set up for life; this system encourages corruption and creates a royal-bureaucracy of sorts which is almost impossible to remove. If everything else fails, Trump should go 3rd party and bring all politicians who support him into that new party. Call it the Patriot Party or the MAGA Party, whatever, but it’s almost impossible to reform the Republican party 100%, i.e. to replace every anti Trumper in the GOP.

It’s time to bust that Uniparty monopoly on power. The thing is, the Republicans are now like Democrats were half a century ago and the Democrats are flat out communists. America’s two biggest threats are professional crooks (also known as career politicians) with their snouts in the trough.