Clashes in London During anti Islamic Terrorism Rally (video)

Circa 12 people were arrested during an anti Islamic Terrorism rally in central London on Saturday. The rally was organized by the Britain First party together with the anti immigration English Defense League (EDL).

Clashes took place between the security forces supervising the event and protesters, as an anti fascist (?!)counter demonstration led to a tense standoff between the parties, with London police trying to separate the so called far-right and the anti fascist counter demonstrators.

The protest was intended to protest radical Islamic terrorism and it took place under the banner “London under attack”.

The counter demonstration was organized by the Unite Against Fascism,an activist group who claimed that the rally organized by Britain First and EDL was anti Islamic in nature and since everything deemed to be against Islamic terrorism is a blasphemy (ISIS approves of this message), free speech doesn’t matter anymore.

A Facebook statement from the United Against Fascism organization said:

Both groups are notorious Islamophobes whose concern is not with the victims or their relatives, but only lie in racism,

First, Islam is a religion based ideology , it has nothing to do with race. There are black, white, yellow, brown muslims, i.e. the statement condemning racism from United Against Fascism is a complete idiocy.

Second, today’s anti Islamic-terrorism march in London has nothing to do with Islam per se, but with Islamic terrorism. If you claim that protesting against Islamic terrorism is islamophobia, you’re basically acknowledging that Islam equals terrorism and that’s fine with me, but then again, is completely idiotic coming from a group which pretends to be multicultural and a protector of Islam.

Getting back to our story, the 2 groups attending the rally were separated by the police as they gathered in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square in a tense standoff, which was made worse by the recent events from March 22, i.e. the latest Islamic terrorist attack at Westminster bridge that left four people dead and dozens horrifically injured by a British born muslim (radicalized in prison apparently) who slammed his car into pedestrians before ramming it into the gates of the Parliament building.