Climate Change Used for Promoting GMOs: NOAA Claims Chocolate Will Disappear by 2050

GMO chocolate NOAA climate change

According to a brand new  report courtesy of NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association), if you’re a chocolate aficionado, prepare for bad times ahead, as starting from 2050, growing cocoa trees (at least on our planet) will become next to impossible. It’s worth mentioning that NOAA is taxpayer funded and this latest trick, i.e. to scare Americans/people from all around the world into believing that anthropogenic (as in man-made) climate change is going to render our children chocolate-less in just a generation from now, is yet another mean of promoting social engineering via climate change alarmism.

The thing about cacao trees is that they grow around the Equator, in particular regions that is, i.e. areas with rain forests, rich soils and high humidity. But, as per NOAA’s claims, due to man driven (presumably) global warming, growing cacao crops will become impossible, due to changing global temperatures within the next 30 years. Hence, chocolate will become extinct and all snowflakes will die. I am only kidding, but here comes the social engineering part: the reaction to this problem is GMO cocoa beans. The theory goes something like this: if anthropogenic climate change will make it very difficult to grow cocoa trees in the near future, gene editing is the answer, i.e. chocolate can be saved after all via producing genetically modified cocoa trees, that can survive harsh climate conditions. So why not start now, before it’s too late? The name of the game is business, as usual.

Here’s from the report:

“One adaptation strategy could be providing cacao growers with selectively bred seeds that have superior drought resistance. Another strategy involves a traditional cacao cultivation method that takes advantage of the conditions under which cacao naturally grows.”

Just like it already happened numerous times before, climate change alarmism is now used by the Big Brother to justify government intervention and promote new businesses. You know that saying: pass a law, create a business? It’s GMO cocoa time!