Clinton’s Former Secretary of State Criticizes Trump’s Tweeting

Donald Trump

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that she is concerned about President-elect Donald Trump’s use of Twitter.

On Tuesday at the U.S. Institute of Peace event, Albright also criticized Trump’s “America First” policy.

On Trump’s use of Twitter, Albright said: “I’m going to try to be polite. Let me just say that I am very concerned about the tweets and generally about the messages that are going out,” Politico reported.

Foreign policy experts say that it’s irresponsible and dangerous to make chaotic statements about other nations in under 140 characters. They were worried last month when the president-elect tweeted about nuclear weapons. Some expert warned that foreign leaders could read those tweets as a policy change and could respond.

In addition, Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of State criticized Trump’s policy of America First. The president-elect repeatedly used this term during the presidential campaign. Albright referenced Clinton’s label of the U.S. as an “indispensable nation.”

She argued that the U.S. “needs to be engaged” as a partner with nations abroad. “I think that that is a message I think we need to get out there, not as ‘America First,’ but as America as a partner,” she added.

At the event, Outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry also talked about Trump’s tweeting. He called Twitter policy-making a “problem.”

“If policy is going to be made in 140 characters on Twitter and every reasonable measurement of accountability is being bypassed and people don’t care about it, we have a problem,” Kerry said.