CNN Commentator Says ‘Absolutely President Trump is a White Supremacist’ (VIDEO)

cnn trump white supremacist

Marc Lamont Hill is a professor at Temple University and he also moonshines as a political commentator for the “very fake news” network CNN, to use the POTUS’ parlance. While acting as a political commentator for CNN, Marc Lamont Hill has said on Friday afternoon that President Donald Trump is a white supremacist and a racist, of course.

The outrageous statement was made as Hill was invited to discuss ESPN host Jemele Hill’s recent claim that, let me quote:


A statement released by Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary described Hill’s comments as being a fireable offense by the same standards ESPN has previously applied to conservative hosts, i.e. the firing of Curt Schilling after he shared an anti-transgender meme on social media. The same Curt Schilling was suspended by ESPN previous to his firing after comparing ISIS to Nazis.

Lamont Hill has said on CNN that Jemele Hill’s assertion about the POTUS being a white supremacist is accurate, but let see the exact quote:

“She’s not saying he’s racist because I can see racism in his skin. What she’s saying is based on his practices, his policy and who he has hired, the Charlottesville example is an example of many that many of us have seen in regard to Donald Trump. There’s a critique to be made of Donald Trump with regard to racism.

“Do I think Donald Trump is racist? Absolutely. Do I think he’s a white supremacist? Absolutely.”

Lamont Hill also made headlines back in January when he described black people who met with the new POTUS as being a bunch of mediocre Negroes:


Here’s the video.

If Marc Lamont Hill was held to genuine academic standards, he’d have a tough time finding work as a teacher’s assistant in a crooked daycare center.

This is what inevitably happens when conservative individualists concede all meaningful cultural ground to Cultural Marxists.