CNN Cuts Kathy Griffin From New Year’s Show After POTUS Beheading Stunt

kathy griffin fired

Well, boys and girls, it seems that finally CNN took the right decision and fired that liberal cook Kathy Griffin after yesterday’s stunt when the (now former) part-time CNN employee and self-assessed comedian posted a photo with her holding President Trump’s severed and bloodied head in an ISIS style photo shoot op.

Following a huge backlash on social media both from the left and the right, Kathy Griffin is now history, i.e. the washed out so called comedian will no longer present CNN’s New Year’s Eve program together with Anderson Blooper.  Sic transit gloria ISIS:


Griffin’s spokesman said that the comedian doesn’t really has anything to say regarding CNN’s decision beyond the already-formulated video-apology Kathy posted on Tuesday. During the video-apology, which is not a real apology by the way (stick with me) but a fake-one, the comedian says that she went too far and removed the infamous photo from her Twitter account.

However, she doesn’t apologizes to President Trump nor to his family, but only to her fan-base and to the “general public” so to speak. Which were not the ones who were really offended:




Anderson Blooper Twitter-slammed Griffin’s ISIS-like sense of humor too:



It begs the question, what other photos did that photographer shoot of Kathy in this project. I’ll wager there are more, probably equally disturbing shots that they are frantically trying to suppress. But for the right amount of money, they’ll come out. Stay tuned.