CNN Steals the Laurels in President Trump’s 2017 Fake News Awards

President Donald Trump just tweeted (how else?) the winners of his epic contest 2017 Fake News Awards on Wednesday, and to no one’s surprise, CNN won big in this category, as expected.

CNN won 4 out of 10 fake news awards:

The second place was taken by the failing New York Times, and the rest is history. The thing is, Trump managed to break the internet,  as the huge number of users trying to access GOP’s website ( Fake News Awards)crashed it:

The webpage is currently not loading…

However, here’s the list for your viewing pleasure.

fake news awards


To tell you the truth, it was a disappointing presentation. President Trump could have made a big event, instead it was just a list on website that crashed almost instantly under the load. However, here’s my “fake news journos” of the year 2017:

1. Jim “3rd Worlder” Acosta 
2. Jake “The Fake” Tapper 
3. Brian “Dud” Ross
4. Brian “Slithering Snake” Stelter
5. Shepherd “Closet” Smith 
6. Don “Hate whitey” Lemon 
7. Wolf “Mossad” Blitzer
8. Anderson “King of the Green Screen” Cooper
9. Joy “He’s going to jail” Behar
10. Chris “Daddy got me the job” Cuomo

Honorable Mention:

Joe “He’s crazy!!!” Scarborough and his weird husband Mika “My dad hates Russia” Brzezinski. And entering the Hall of Fame for lifetime achievements in the Fake News Industry: Jorge “You can’t build the Wall” Ramos.

Needless to say, this should be an annual event. Until mainstream media’s morale improves, the beatings will continue, to quote from the classics. Joke aside, this is news worth making it into Social Studies/ History textbooks. After all, every student learned of the false newspaper headline printed about a losing Presidential candidate. The Fake News Awards could be an entire chapter in history. Never should CNN or any other media that habitually falsifies facts and news stories ever have the upper ground in telling people what “the wrong side of history” is.