CNN Unhinged Over President Trump’s Perfect Health Report

trump perfect health

White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, who serves in that position since 2013 (he was also Obama’s personal doctor) delivered an extensive report on President Trump’s health in front of the WH press corps yesterday, on Tuesday respectively. Dr. Ronny Jackson characterized President Trump’s health as excellent overall (he’s a little bit overweight), considering the man is 71 years of age, doesn’t exercise regularly and eats a lot of junk-food.

After the POTUS received a clean bill of health and scored 30 points out of 30 on a mental acuity test, the left and especially CNN went completely bonkers, starting spewing various (and hilarious) conspiracy theories about the good doctor being in cahoots with the POTUS and so forth and so on. Liberals in the MSM accused Obama’s former doctor Dr. Ronny Jackson of being a Trump fanboy, and that’s just because he declared after examining the POTUS that he’s in almost perfect health for his age.

CNN chief medical correspondent declared without examining Trump (he’s probably a psychic) that the POTUS’ clean bill of health actually means he’s having heart disease and in the next 3 to 5 years he’ll suffer from a heart attack.

Meanwhile, the Trump hating CNN isn’t reporting the stock market closed up over 26,000 today for the first time, Apple is repatriating $350 billion over 5 years and creating 20,000 new jobs in the US. All the result of Trump’s lower taxes.

President Trump is 71 years old. Of course he is going to have something wrong with him, but for a 71 year old, which is an important caveat, he is very healthy. I want these CNN/MSNBC people to release their health records. More important, I want each of them to submit themselves to taking the exact same mental test as the POTUS.

I believe the employees at CNN suffer from some sort of mental condition and given their very important role in society (just kidding, their ratings are abysmal), then we the people have the right to know if those people claiming to provide news are actually sane! Also, watching MSM reporters asking Dr. Ronny Jackson questions during the presser (is the POTUS addicted to drugs? is he eating too much ice-cream? is he watching too much TV?) was like watching the Monty Python Village Idiot skit. They appear to look stupid on purpose.

I don’t think the news media realizes how nuts they look to the average person. By the way, these are the same people who want OPRAH WINFREY to be their next president.


Photo Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times