CNN Warns: It’s Getting Dangerous for Reporters

An anchor for the very fake news outlet formerly known as CNN “warned” following the huge corruption scandals that rocked the network in the last couple of days that (obviously) President Trump is putting journalists in danger (CNN staff should be safe then, because they’re not journalists but guns for hire) as he had declared war on the “media” (actually it was the corporate left wing media who declared war on The Donald almost 2 years ago) and also he has emboldened war zones, whatever that means.


Today’s advocacy journalism has nothing in common with the objective reporting Americans actively sought to be well informed citizens, not just inhabitants.You can’t legislate people to be honest.

An overhaul of the fourth estate must come from within itself. Today, Donald Trump is a human headline, resolute, an indefatigable force of nature, a no-retreat forward-moving freight train. God’s gift to American journalism and what it will henceforth become. Shaken to the core, exhausted and unable to keep up with him for a minimum of four years, 24/7/365.

These guys at CNN are so out of touch with reality, it’s not even funny anymore. After propagandizing the American public for decades and lying/distorting the truth about Donald Trump since day one, thus creating a climate of hatred, fear and distrust in society (which by the way, led to countless acts of violence against Republicans and conservatives), now CNN is playing the victim-hood card. Imagine my shock.

One may wonder why is this network still on the air? They at least should be required to put a disclaimer in the corner stating they are not a “real news” channel and they are for entertainment purposes only.  Seriously, watching this media meltdown is hilarious yet bizarre and frightening (that people you thought were at least sane, can become this unhinged).

The thing is, CNN are a danger to themselves. It’s funny, but one of my favorite YouTube current events commentators is a young woman who shoots videos on a low end phone, and she has more subscribers than CNN has viewers below:

cnn fake news

When you deal with the Public…. every day is your First Impression ! The good news is that  fake news networks are becoming irrelevant and soon closing their doors for good.

Let’s end with Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe’s tweet and see why this is going to be an awesome summer (not for the Democrats and their mainstream media lapdogs though):