CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gets Schooled by Mick Mulvaney on Illegal Immigration (VIDEO)

Mick Mulvaney Schools CNN’s Chris Cuomo On Illegal Immigration

CNN’s Chris Cuomo had a passionate debate with White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on Tuesday about the fate of DACA and the merits of amnesty, or the lack thereof. If you’re not watching CNN, like a normal human being, you should know that Cuomo has a show called “New Day”, but let’s get right into the crux of the matter. Mulvaney said:

“You can’t say I’m going to fix DACA and not illegal immigration. That’s not being presidential and that doesn’t solve the problem. Simply waiving a wand and giving amnesty to 12 or 13 million people may solve a problem for them, but it doesn’t solve the problem for the other 300 million people who live here.”

The CNN talk show host described America’s illegal immigration problem to be an imaginary crisis, and that may hold true in the gated community he lives, we can’t argue that. He also said that DREAMERs are a boon to the US economy, not a problem, as they’re a net financial benefit for America. Cuomo said:

“According to the center for American progress, if you get rid of them you’d cost us $433 billion over ten years or $43 billion a year in gross domestic product. You’d cost us money by getting rid of them,”

If Cuomo loves illegal immigrants so much, he should legally sponsor a few of them, allow them to live in his home, feed and clothe them. All talk and no walking. BS talks, action walks.

You know what will take to sponsor a few of them?

First, he needs to go with them to the US Embassy in Mexico and whichever else countries they originated. He will have to file a petition for them and pay the fees. The petition will include reasons why he needs them to be in the US, such as proving that there are jobs he needs them to do that US citizens are unable to do. Then he will have to prove that he himself will take care of their housing, clothing, etc. as long as they are under his employ.

The aliens will have to prove to the Feds that they are not criminals and have no connection with crime perpetrators, that they are healthy, that they are willing to assimilate into the US culture and learn English, etc.

Then they will have to stand at the end of the line. The legal immigration line is such a bottleneck these days that thousands of people have been in line there for decades. These “dreamers” will stand at the end of the line, not elbowing people who are ahead of them.

That’s how to become a legal immigrant in the US. Only years after you’ve become one can you apply for naturalization and if approved, be able to vote.

Good luck, Cuomo.