Confirmed: Obama Admin Spied on Trump

Bigger than Watergate!

According to Bloomberg and Fox News reports quoting top intelligence officials, Barack Obama’s administration spied on Donald Trump and his team even before he won the GOP nomination.

The investigative reports quote intelligence officials “way up” i.e. not just senior officials but people at the highest echelons in the intelligence community.

According to  the Bloomberg/Fox News investigations (with more to come in the following days), the Obama administration was engaged in a clear/coordinated campaign/conspiracy to wiretap/spy/whatever on Trump and his transition team even before he won the Primaries.

The Obama administration was engaged in a spying campaign on Trump and his team for over a year, which started in January of 2016 and it ended when The Donald took office on January 20th 2017.

The coordinated campaign by senior Obama admin officials involved monitoring/spying on Trump, his inner circle and his key transition team members communications. The surveillance continued during the Primaries, during the election campaign and even through  November, December and January when he was President Elect.

The mainstream fake-news media Russia-narrative is collapsing and what’s crucial is that we now have senior intelligence officials who admit that the Obama spying on Trump had absolutely nothing to do with Russia, it had nothing to do with foreign intelligence/ties to Kremlin etc. It was basically deep state spying for the sake of spying.

This is bigger than Watergate by orders of magnitude, a scandal which shows conclusively that the Obama regime was caught doing what Edward Snowden revelations told us that it was doing years ago, but the liberal media chose to sweep the dirt under the rug.

It was Bush first and then Obama who hijacked the Patriot Act for creating a national security/national surveillance state, and the powers that were given to them in the aftermath of 9/11 were used and abused, but not to go after terrorists/jihadists but for political purposes, i.e. for spying on one’s political opponents.

This is what they do in Russia, this is what they do in dictatorships, in totalitarian regimes, this was what the KGB/Gestapo used to do back in the day.

It now definitely looks like David Nunes (who was smeared by the MSM relentlessly for the last couple of weeks) was aware since January that key Obama officials have been conducting a rogue spying operation on Trump and his inner circle because they feared him.

However, when he requested documents from the FBI/NSA (insert alphabet soup intelligence agency) that would have proven conclusively the Obama admin spying activity, he was obstructed/stonewalled for weeks.

Furthermore, the Obama administration coordinated with the FBI/NSA/Justice Department to deliberately disseminate/unmask the name of US citizens, especially those from Trump’s campaign as widely as possible across the entire intelligence community , a high crime punishable with up to ten years in jail.

The unmasked names were kept in the intelligence reports for political reasons  so they could be leaked to their mouthpieces in the MSM (see Mike Flynn scandal), thus hiding before first amendment rights for smearing political opponents via illegal acts.

One of the top officials  in the Obama administration who ordered people in the NSA/etc to unmask  the names of Trump advisers in their intelligence reports so they can be further leaked to the mainstream media is Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Adviser.

Other people involved in these illegal activities appear to be James Clapper, John Brennan and a few other high ranking people in the Obama regime.

“All the President’s men”…but what did Dear Leader know and when did he know it?